OASIS™ is a multi-channel transaction analysis, image analytics, and anti-money laundering platform designed to detect fraud on personal and business accounts.

Although in recent years the industry has witnessed a decline in check volumes with a significant increase in electronic transactions, it has also witnessed an increase in check and ACH fraud. ASD fraud solutions level the playing field for any size financial institution to gain an advantage over attempted misconduct.

OASIS™ is the only platform designed from the ground up that integrates transaction analysis, image analytics, signature and check stock verification, and AML. OASIS cohesive workflow and state of the art analytical engines provide a rich set of information for faster and more accurate decisions, activity reviews, and case management.

  • Fraud Filters / Transaction Analysis
    OASIS performs a holistic assessment of suspicious activity on transaction payments from various payment channels, including checks, cash, deposits, ACH, ATM, Wires, etc. With anti-money laundering elements, OASIS automates an investigative process that eases the burden on banks' fraud investigators. Suspicious transactions are efficiently detected and all activity is accounted for in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Automated Signature Verification
    Signature fraud on checks is one of the most commonly committed types of fraud, and easiest to perpetrate. Since no two signatures are written identically, distinguishing between an authentic signature and a check image of a skilled forgery can be challenging.

    The OASIS automated SV module uses the most advanced methods available to locate and verify good signatures and skilled forgeries.
  • Automated Check Stock Verification
    The OASIS Check Stock Verification module is an automated analytical tool that detects counterfeit checks from images. OASIS CSV automatically compares newly presented check images with each account’s reference images of known "good" checks, accurately identifying suspect checks, and stopping their progress.
  • Anti-Money Laundering
    Compliance with regulatory requirements is not an option. Compliance under the US Patriot and Bank Secrecy Acts has increased the burden on financial institutions to be more diligent than ever before. Failure to do so, can and has, proven costly. OASIS AML examines any unusual account behavior that could possibly be attributed to money laundering activities. OASIS AML automates the investigation process, greatly reducing the time spent on screening customer profiles against security watch lists in order to meet "Know Your Customer" policies. OASIS AML provides tools for efficient case management and network detection of suspicious activities.

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