SAND®    platform is designed for comprehensive fraud detection on commercial accounts. The end-to-end software solution works to prevent check counterfeits, forgeries, and payee alterations. ASD's integrated solution enables financial institutions to deliver multiple products and services all from a single platform. Next generation positive pay, payee verification, account reconciliation, signature, and check stock verification are facilitated with fast and cost effective administration. For maximum security, the SAND platform seamlessly interfaces with ValidateCheck™, ASD's patented interoperable validation platform, enabling non-onus check verification at the teller, bank of first deposit, or other points of presentment.

SAND Positive Pay – the next generation

SAND®   Checks -- (Self-Authenticated Negotiable Documents) without issue file.

ASD pioneered the concept of applying self-authenticating encryption technology to checks. SAND's unique image-survivable check security feature eliminates the drawbacks inherent in traditional positive pay. Thanks to SAND, customers no longer need to send "issued files" to their financial institutions. All the information necessary to verify the authenticity of a SAND check, including the payee name, is encrypted and locked in a barcode and is carried by the check itself.

How it works - SAND encryption technology applies a check authentication code that is unique to each check. Upon issue, negotiable details such as payee name, check amount, check number, transit, etc. are locked into a barcode that prints on the face of the check together with all other payment details. Wherever checks are presented for payment, at the teller, back office, or merchants, SAND verification software is used to validate the check's authenticity and stop counterfeit, forged, or altered checks from entering the payment stream.

  • Payee Positive Pay
    Payee Verification takes traditional positive pay to the next level. In case of possible alteration, the added feature of payee name verification is yet another layer of defense against fraud. Similar to traditional positive pay, verification of the payee name is performed automatically using the contents of the "checks issued" file that's supplied by the corporate customer to their financial institution.
  • Traditional Positive Pay
    Traditional Positive pay is an effective anti-fraud tool that utilizes the customer supplied daily "checks issued" file to confirm presented items. However, any alteration to payee name on a legitimate check would go undetected by traditional positive pay.
  • Reverse Positive Pay
    In Reverse Positive Pay the customer receives all items paid on the account, and assumes the responsibility to review and detect any fraudulent activity.
  • ACH Positive Pay
    The SAND®    ACH module is a comprehensive processor, exception management, and decision making module that enables checks and ACH payments to be processed together with their respective business rules. The SAND®    ACH feature provides multi-channel fraud detection in checks and electronic payments and prevents any corrupt activity against accounts.
  • Account Reconciliation
    Comprehensive Account Reconciliation reporting tool enables clients to automatically reconcile their account and create paid item, outstanding item, and detailed/summary reports based on a specific period. Deposit reconciliation allows clients with multiple depositing locations to also generate reports by location and create a summary of all deposits. Contact us today.